"CCCP Diner" (2007) by Meredith Andrews

"CCCP Diner" (2007) by Meredith Andrews
"CCCP Diner" (2007) by Meredith Andrews

"CCCP Diner" (2007) by Meredith Andrews


Meredith Andrews (B. 1976 )

Digital C-type print on Plexiglass

Artist's Proof from a limited edition of 8

Sight Size: 19.75 x 29.75 in (50 x 75.5 cm)

General Comments:
In post-Soviet Russia where there are enormous resources of energy and minerals, amid the entrenched class of oligarchs and the newly emerging, though still small middle-class of entrepreneurs, Andrews’ camera has caught the irony of the new capitalist culture which, in this image, janus-faced chronologically, stares at the viewer awkwardly, capturing as it does the power that CCCP once was – now humbled – but re-emerging phoenix-like from the ashes in the form of free-trade and Coca-Cola culture.

Award-winning photographer Meredith Andrews has shot for Editorial, Advertising, Corporate and Private Clients all over the world. After spending many years in Europe she’s currently based in Bermuda, her family home. Her photographs have been exhibited in many countries and can be seen in almost every media. She shoots a variety of reportage, life style and portrait photography.

Having completed her Master’s degree in Photography at Goldsmith’s College in London, England, Andrews initially lived and worked in London for several years.

She has worked for Nike, Digicel, Hewlett-Packard, The Independent, Amnesty International, The Bermuda Department of Tourism and Fortune Magazine. She has exhibited extensively throughout the world in both solo and group shows notably in the UK and Sweden as well as twice at The Bermuda National Gallery’s Biennial’s. She is currently working on a project in The Far East where she has already visited Vietnam and China.